Our mission is to improve clinical outcomes by finding and delivering medical evidence to anyone wanting to make an informed medical decision. We do this by making medical evidence more accessible, relevant and readable (in the context of existing data) for both consumers and professionals.

Doctor Evidence translates and delivers medical data from clinical studies into “distributive databases.” Physicians, payers, policy makers, researchers, patients and others use this database of evidence to make informed healthcare decisions. Doctor Evidence applies extreme rigor in translating clinical evidence from published studies into a database format that enables clinicians to:
  • View clinical studies in a more specific, dynamic fashion
  • Compare outcomes against standard-of-care, usual practice or a competitive product
  • Generate an industry compliant meta-analysis of evidence
  • Connect clinical evidence to individual patient profiles

Intraoperative Awareness

[Define IOA]
Intraoperative awareness occurs when a patient becomes conscious during a procedure performed by general anesthesia and subsequently has a recall of these event. For the purposes of this database, recall is limit to explicit memory. Explicit memory is assessed by the patient's ability to recall specific events that took place during general anesthesia.

[Define High Risk]
-Patients undergoing cardiac surgery, cesarean delivery, emergency surgery, trauma surgery and total intravenous anesthesia*.

[Inclusion Criteria]
-Studies that Focused on Intraoperative Awareness (IOA) or used a standardized interview such as the Brice interview to determine if IOA has occured.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists has produced a practice document to provide guidance on the use of brain monitor devices to prevent a rare complication of anesthesia – intraoperative awareness. To this end, Doctor Evidence searched, extracted and created a database to display the available data of patient awareness when anesthesia care is used.

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